About Tom

Education, Professional Background, & Community Involvement

Experienced & Educated Leader

With a solid educational background, including a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics from Memorial University, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this candidacy for Ward 4 City Council. My understanding of economic principles, coupled with practical experience in building and property development, positions me uniquely to address the challenges facing Ward 4.  I have created, built and operate multiple small businesses, most notably Frontline Action.  My expertise extends to operating vehicles similar to those used in public transit systems, which, along with experience in managing properties, equips me with a practical understanding of urban development and transportation needs.

Dedicated Community Advocate

I am a long-standing member of the St. John’s community and I am active and dedicated advocate for over 30 years. My journey began with the establishment of Frontline Action, a business focused on providing recreational services, demonstrating his commitment to enhancing the quality of life in St. John’s. Deep roots in the community extend beyond business; I have been actively involved in various community centers and organizations, including West Heights, Chalker Place, MacMorran Community Centres, Big Brothers and Sisters, and Rotary. My wife, Bev Moore Davis, created the Miles for Smiles Foundation.  We work tirelessly to reduce child abuse in Newfoundland and Labrador.  My dedication to public service is reflected in my hands-on approach to addressing community needs.

Advocate for Sustainable & Inclusive Growth

 My vision for Ward 4 is one of sustainability and inclusive growth. I am a strong proponent of environmental sustainability, as evidenced by my use of electric vehicles and my advocacy for eco-friendly practices. Climate change will result in large precipitation events which we need to plan and remediate.  My approach to leadership is inclusive, focused on the needs of all residents, including seniors and vulnerable groups. I understand the importance of mental health and addiction support, informed by my personal experiences and training in ASIST. I am committed to creating a Ward 4 that is not only thriving but also resilient in the face of economic and environmental challenges, making it a model for St. John’s.