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Tom, a small business owner (Frontline Action) of 30 years and community advocate in St. John’s, is a candidate for City Council in Ward 4. With a rich background in promoting active lifestyles, addressing the challenges of climate change and significant contributions to local centers and organizations, Davis’s campaign is fueled by his dedication to the community’s well-being. Working with his wife; Bev Moore Davis in their campaign to reduce child abuse has resulted in the the creation of the Miles for Smiles Foundation and the Kids in the Know Body Safety Program being introduced province wide.  His education in Business and Economics from Memorial University informs his approach to tackling the pressing issues in Ward 4, including the recent spike in property taxes, advocating for responsible fiscal management, and enhancing community services.

Davis’s platform focuses on critical concerns such as affordable housing, traffic safety, and environmental sustainability, drawing from his extensive involvement in community and recreational activities. Committed to creating a balanced and thriving Ward 4, Davis invites support for a vision that prioritizes the quality of life for all residents, from seniors to young families. His candidacy represents a call to action for those who value comprehensive community development and fiscal integrity.




My primary aim is to advocate for policies that ease the economic burdens faced by residents of Ward 4. With rising inflation and interest rates, it’s essential to manage city spending wisely and ensure that property taxes are fair and equitable…

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a key pillar of my campaign. My commitment is to promote practices and policies that mitigate the impacts of climate change, including addressing challenges like flooding and extreme snow events…

Community Health & Wellness

Community health and wellness are at the heart of my campaign. With over 30 years of experience in providing recreational services, I understand the importance of a physically and mentally healthy community. I advocate for accessible and inclusive…


Affordable housing is a cornerstone of my vision for Ward 4. Recognizing the challenges faced by residents in finding affordable living spaces, I am dedicated to advocating for housing policies that cater to the needs of seniors, families…

Traffic &

Ensuring traffic safety and effective transportation solutions  in Ward 4 is a key concern. I will work towards implementing policies and tools such as speed and red light cameras and traffic calming that will address traffic and speeding concerns, enhancing…

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Tom Davis Announces Candidacy

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